Monday, January 28, 2008

Shorter State of the Union

For those who missed it. Bookend commentary by Chris Matthews and Keith Olbermann.

Olbermann: This is probably the most irrelevant SOTU ever...
Matthews: Americans want a Washington DC that goes out for cocktails together after 6.

7:08: Harry Reid didn't smile when the Preznit cracked wise that issues require "vigorous debate."

7:14: Standing ovation from Republicans on "make the tax relief permanent" comments. More standing after veto threat number 2,145. Earmarks are driving up the deficit. Pelosi's eyebrows are raised. Dick Cheney sporting evil smile.

7:17: Veto threat number 2,146. Ignore earmarks not voted on by congress in public vote. Actually not a bad idea, but seriously, earmarks are driving up the deficit? Earmarks? Dick Cheney giving somebody the stink-eye. Probably Wexler.

7:20: Medical coverage belongs in doctors offices, not congress. NCLB is doing just great, it is succeeding, it's doing great, it's a good law, bipartisan bipartisan bipartisan. On trade; open up markets overseas. Break down trade obstacles, promote agreement with Columbia or the terrorists win. Energy security; trust in American ingenuity, find new coal power technologies. More stink-eye from Dick Cheney. This time to the left. Probably Chris Dodd.

7:28: Trust American scientists (yes, he said it with a straight face), but respect moral boundaries.

7:33: Bipartisan! Bipartisan! Bipartisan! Foreign policy is based on a clear premise, witnessed by "stirring moments in the history of liberty" experienced in the last 7 years. We are inspired. You hear me American? We're inspired dammit! "Clear September Day" seems to have replaced "9/11." Oh wait, he said "9/11." Terrorists, War on Terrah, Reject Terrah... spreading hope of freedom, etc, etc (You've heard all this before, so fill in your own details here). Adding 3,000 Marines to our forces in Afghanistan.

7:40: SURGE! Iraqi people were worried we were going to abandon them, but instead saw the SURGE! and everything was happy again. Something new here. "Grassroots Surge" in Iraq. (I thought we were just paying the Sunni's off, and worried what would happen when the money ran out, silly me) Terrorists believe the SURGE! is working, even if Americans don't. 20,000 troops coming home. Send message to people of Iran: "We have no quarrel with you." Send message to leaders of Iran: "Bring it!" "9/11." Many raised eyebrows after "end your enrichment program" pulpit pounding.

7:55: Ah, here it comes. FISA. We need to give the intelligence community the tools it needs to stop "9/11." If you don't act by Friday (PAA expires) terrorists win. Preznit seems completely unaware that it is his own veto and the Republican's fight for telco immunity that will cause the expiration to pass without a new law.

8:02: Wraps up with "we the people" and much ado about "trusting the people" to protect their own liberty (savor the irony).

Keith Olbermann wraps up much better: "This is a 'best of' speech, an oldies but not so goodies." Stories of passenger jets, hurricanes, NCLB. Dated material. "Edited highlights of the Bush Presidency, edited for time purposes." Chris Matthews reminds us of MSNBC Poll showing 62% of Americans disapprove of the job Bush is doing. Many "fat chance" moments in this speech. Guest comment: "If the President wanted to make actual news tonight, he should have endorsed a candidate."

Think Progress fact-checks the President's speech here.

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  1. This summary is spot on, and much better than the MSNBC bunch. They shifted almost immediately to a discussion of whether Bill Clinton is going to be nicer. What does that have to do with the State of the Union address? Anyway, good summary.