Saturday, January 12, 2008

Utah GOP Roundup: Herding Cats

Trying to keep Republicans in this state honest is too big a job for just one blog. Luckily, there are many. Just a quick recap of this weeks "keep it real" events.

The guys at KVNU speak to Rep. Craig Frank about gerrymandering (more on this later, for now familiarize yourself with the phrases "computer modeling" and "you've got to be kidding me!")

Mark Shurtleff wishes we would all just stop paying attention to what he does (second comment in: priceless)

Stan Lockhart reminds us that despite what they do and say, they are still the good guys, and we should all go home and watch teevee.

Orem Rep. Steve Sandstrom reaps the benefits of his voucher flip-flop in the form of a challenger.

Pigs in space.
I wish I had time to write at length about each one of these topics, as they all deserve more attention than our local media are giving them. I hope the links, for now, are enough to keep these topics alive.

Utah is waking up.

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