Thursday, February 28, 2008

21 Bigots and a Failed Senate

Right on the heals of The Chris Buttars Show, the Utah Senate is once again under the magnifying glass for what appears, for all intents and purposes, to be a collective temper tantrum focused at what, to them, is a challenge to their so adored principles of discrimination and bigotry. And they operate under the illusion that their behavior is sanctioned by the people of Utah. From the Trib:

A bill unveiled Wednesday - sponsored by all 21 Senate Republicans - would doom Becker's newly adopted domestic-partnership registry in the name of preserving Utah's ban on gay marriage.

It also would, the city attorney insists, gut the capital's 2006 adult-designee ordinance, which provides health-care benefits for city employees' domestic partners.

And Sen. Greg Bell, R-Fruit Heights, the chief sponsor, says he was not influenced by Gov. Jon Huntsman Jr., who said this week that the state has no place "overreaching or micromanaging" local government.

"I obviously disagree," Bell said.

Despite negotiations to narrow its scope, Bell's SB299 is no weaker than the now-banished registry bill written by Buttars, the beleaguered West Jordan conservative. Such is the contention of City Attorney Ed Rutan and Becker, who says both Salt Lake City measures are an attempt "to eliminate discrimination in the city."
Expect next the defense (complete with Sutherland's Paul Mero urging everyone that these people, despite this public display of ignorance, are fine, compassionate folk, as he did for Senator Buttars). Expect a "some of my closest friends are gay" justification. But do not for a second allow any single personal relationship they may cite to excuse prejudicial group attitudes and such pointless legislation. I'm sure these 21 people have many fine qualities. A conviction to defend equality and liberty is not one of them.

And via Third Avenue; evidence they know they are in trouble, with Sen. President John Valentine urging them to lock-down their "communications" (i.e. "make sure it's not in print in case we have to back-pedal").

For more, Amicus and OneUtah also weigh in. And KVNU's Tom Grover illustrates the stupidity of the Senate's reaction.


  1. I do not know why gay people want a registry anyway. Don't they realize what that could be used for? It's like if Germany in the 1930s came up with a registry for Jews saying needed the names to give them all "benefits".

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    OBTW. I put you on my permanent blog roll. Congratulations.

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