Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Chris Buttars, The Delicate Fragile Flower of the Senate

Get yourself a T-shirt:

According to a Trib story, Chris Buttars has a box of T-shirts in his office bearing the slogan "We Support Chris Buttars," intended for distribution to his buddies at a Wednesday rally. This whole "hate lynch mob" thing has really gotten him down, as lynch mobs are wont to do, so, as a little pick-me-up, he's organizing a rally for himself.

It's a great idea, though; couldn't we all use a rally every now and then? It's kind of like throwing yourself a surprise birthday party or sending flowers to yourself at work.

Still, how can it be that Buttars doesn't know what a lynch mob really is? Phone calls? E-mails? People calling him names? Please. What a sensitive, delicate little flower he is. Trouble is, he can dish out the hate, but he can't take it. Poor blossom.
Yes folks. A rally to support him. Perhaps a counter rally would be a good idea? We wouldn't have our own t-shirts, but perhaps we could compensate in sheer numbers? Email us if interested.


  1. Or, we can start fundraising for the Democratic candidate against him this year. I started an ActBlue page for just such a cause: http://actblue.com/page/buttarsretirementfund

  2. Personally, I think that we should fund raise and give him a bronze bust of himself...


  3. Meg - let's be more realistic and rather than raise money for a Democratic candidate, we find a Republican candidate to oust him at the Republican convention. Much easier and much more likely to get the job done. This, coming from a died-in-the-wool liberal.

  4. hey there you free speech phony, yeah right…YOU!!!and pull your pants up!!

    you are a hypocrite liar who publicly preaches free speech (except when it is something with which you disagree)but who really hates open discourse.

    let’s see how stupid you people really are: (rules of the truly stupid souless morons):

    1. anyone who might say, “hey, you have a black mark on your {record}{shirt} {soul}” is a racist devil to be destroyed.
    If i say “that black mark on your record is one ugly baby” I should have my gonads removed by a team of man hating lesbian trasgendered half elf midgets with a speech impediment.

    Pay attention to which media outlets are pumping up this story. These are the enemies of free speech.

    2. Only black people can use the word “lynched”, even if they live in Lynchberg, Tenn. or Lynchberg, Va. And they should be fired if they aren’t black. All whites who are named Lynch must be sent to a concentration camp run by …. you get the idea.

    3. If i say “white lie” I am a racist who must be destroyed, unless I am a homo, woman, oriental, indio, or….anything besides a white male.

    This reminds me of the lynching of Don Imus. And that was concocted to discipline the talk show host roster to not speak ill of Hillary.

  5. Ever notice how these bat-shit crazy comments are always posted anonymously?

    Seems kind of weak to me, being afraid to put your name on something you took the time to write.

    Thanks for stopping by and proving our point.

  6. Dear Anonymous Asshat Troll-

    Please for the love of all that is holy stop representing yourself as a spokesman for the Republican party, of which I am a registered member.

    You are doing nothing to help the cause of conservatism.

    And if you insist on being annoying and doing it anyway? Don't be such an anonymous coward.



    A moderate conservative


    God, I love illiterate Asshats who leave stupid anonymous comments.

    It makes my day.

  7. See now, Loralee is a Republican who knows how to make an intelligent argument.

    Thanks Loralee. You do your party proud (but I will still convert you one day -- I get a free toaster if I do.)