Thursday, February 14, 2008

Contempt of Congress, FISA and Republican Walkout

As the House began it's debate on the contempt of congress charges for Miers and Bolton this morning, Republicans interrupted repeatedly, saying the debate was wasting time when they could be passing a FISA bill that gives immunity to telco's (this, one day after the extremely important Clemens MLB hearing?)

As the debate moved to FISA, the President held a press conference outside of the White House, reminding us that if telco's don't get immunity, terrorists will kill your Grandmother.

Debate grew heated as Republican's repeatedly stated that if the Protect America Act were not in place, we are all going to die, with Democrats reminding the body that the FISA Act still in place even if PAA expires gives the intelligence community all the authority it needs to continue existing surveillance.

Finally, in what can only be described as a temper tantrum, House Minority Leader John Boehner (R-Ohio) took the microphone, spoke briefly about the importance of national security, then to the surprise of everyone from Steny Hoyer (waiting as the next to speak) to the body president, Boehner called for a refusal to vote and a walkout. Chanting something I didn't catch, Republican representatives left the floor before the contempt vote. Democrats are continuing the vote without them.

Right now, Boehner is on CSPAN prattling on about the tragedy of "political stunts," and "embarrassing political activity" after initiating himself a rarely used political stunt that came across as embarrassing political activity. I believe he may be giving the defunct Giuliani campaign a run for it's money on 9-11 references, though, so you have to give him that. To top all of this off, Matheson and the Blue Dogs are still fighting over each other to be the first to kiss the President's behind, selling out our civil-rights in the process.

Your Congressional Day Care in action, folks. Give 'em a hand.

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