Wednesday, February 13, 2008

FISA Fight: Bennett Lies, Matheson Sides with Republicans

Matheson's Blue Dogs can't wait to get in line for giving Bush everything he wants on the house FISA bill. Again.

Some House Democrats were prepared to support immunity, regardless. In a Jan. 28 letter, 21 Democrats in the conservative Blue Dog Coalition sent a letter to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., supporting immunity and listing other provisions that they believed were needed in a FISA bill.

They wrote that the Senate bill "contains satisfactory language addressing all these issues, and we would fully support that measure should it reach the House floor without substantial change."
And Bob Bennett contradicts the truth on the bill that just passed through the Senate (and I do me passed through) stating in a press release yesterday:
I am glad this issue is finally settled in a way that protects our country's national security while respecting Americans' civil liberties.
Sounds good, doesn't it? The only problem is that the bill that passed the Senate and now sits in the House awaiting the rubber stamp of Matheson and his Bush Dogs does nothing to protect Americans' civil liberties. The original FISA legislation protected civil liberties in requiring a warrant for surveillance -- a warrant that could be obtained 72 hours after the surveillance occurred even. This bill from the Senate, propped up by Harry Reid in an amazing show of weakness and lack of leadership, was produced with one goal in mind; exploit Anerican fears a terrorist attack in order to produce legal coverage for telecommunications companies who have broken the law at the request of the White House.

We should be outraged, yet this is barely hitting the airwaves here in Utah. This behavior from Bob Bennett is predictable, tragically, but Jim Matheson owes Democrats in Utah an explanation for the Blue Dog letter to Pelosi, and his intended failure to stand up for our civil-liberties. He needs to hear from us.
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Democrats, this is a civil-liberties issue. Small-government Republicans, this is an issue of an over-reaching administration and invasive policy. There is no excuse for any Utahn to accept our representative's capitulation to the President over FISA, and their protection of the telco's over that of our liberty.

Sign the petition telling the House to leave retroactive immunity for telco's out of the FISA bill.

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  1. This morning President Bush again alleged that (1) he's getting a steady stream of intel about terrorist plots from unconstitutional electronic surveillance and (2) Congress will abruptly cut off this valuable intel if they don't enact telecom immunity before the PAA expires.

    That's a load of nonsense. (1) Serious terrorists don't communicate by phone or e-mail, and (2) even if Congress lets the PAA expire and we revert to the original (constitutional) FISA law, existing cases of warrantless surveillance will not need to obtain a warrant for an entire year.

    You can always tell when Bush is lying-- his lips are moving.