Wednesday, February 13, 2008

KVNU's For The People Tackles FISA

KVNU's For The People led the way tonight by introducing the FISA debate into our local politics while the rest of Utah's media seems relatively oblivious to the importance of this issue.

Listen to Wednesday's FISA show here. Listen nightly from 4 to 6pm here.

We owe For The People our support for having this discussion and many others, and for conducting the debate in such a way that all sides have the opportunity to weigh in.

It has been frustrating this issue is getting so little attention here, especially when every other Utahn I talk to is a self described Libertarian or "Small-Government" Republican. This issue effects us all, and is as much a civil-liberties issue for Liberals and Libertarians as it is a limited-government argument traditional Republicans should be engaged in (and opposed to).

Read more about the FISA Fight -- which has now moved from the Senate to the House -- here and here. And support For The People. Tom and Ryan are doing much to raise the discourse bar by continually addressing the issues that are (or should be!) important to us all.

UPDATE: House standing Strong for Now:

OH NOES THEY MIGHT HAVE TO GET A WARRANT. Which they can get retroactively.

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