Monday, February 18, 2008

The Logic

"Terrorists want to undermine our system of laws and democracy, so we have to undermine our system of laws and democracy to protect you from terrorists."


  1. That's about as concise as it gets.

    Great cartoon, too.

  2. It would be one thing to argue against warrants for surveillance if the intelligence people could site a specific example of when they lost critical intelligence because of a warrant. But if you read their statements, it isn't the intelligence community saying the expiration of the PAA and the requirement to get a warrant, or the retro-active immunity is key, it's the President saying it.

    Seems more of a political issue for the President than it does an actual issue of National Security. Does anyone have an ounce of trust left for this President, or the Republicans who stand behind him? (Rhetorical question... anyone who does is an idiot.)