Thursday, February 14, 2008

McCain Steals Clinton Campaign Slogan

Taken from the McCain for President website.

Matt Y:

This raises the possibility that McCain's campaign team is just lazy. After all, they can't be bothered to out-organized Mike Huckabee even though he's got no money and no machine support. Maybe all they do all day is hang back, look at which Democrat is leading in the polls, and rip off the other one's campaign themes. Mac is Back, in ur base rippin off ur narrativz.

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  1. Don't forget he also stole Obama's "Fired up and Ready to Go" as well as "Hope" in one speech. Romney also tried to co-opt "change" by sloganing "change begins with us."

    It really shows how Democratic a year it is already if the leading GOP nominees try to mimic the Democrats'.