Friday, February 29, 2008's House Speaker Has a Challenger in November

Patrick "IQ Test" Byrne's personal house speaker, Greg Curtis, who you may remember from such legislative genius as the 2007's voter rejected Voucher Bill, held on to his seat in 2006 by mere handful of votes. And it looks like he has a strong challenger for 2008.

Jay Seegmiller will announce on Tuesday, March 4, that he will challenge House Speaker Greg Curtis for District 49.

“It’s time to clean the House,” said Seegmiller.

“More than anyone else, Speaker Curtis is responsible for the way our Legislature functions,” the candidate said. “It’s time to hold him accountable for his leadership style, rules he imposes on a whim that uniformly benefit his cronies, and the privileged access he grants special interests but denies constituents.”

Seegmiller says that he has fought for working people his entire adult life, adding that when elected he will demand fiscal responsibility and stringent oversight of business developers seeking state taxpayer subsidies.
Those who remember the dirty money and dirty tricks of the voucher campaign should have plenty of reason to get behind Seegmiller.

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  1. One of the many (too many to count) reasons Curtis should not be in any type of leadership role.