Wednesday, February 13, 2008

The Religious Left

I came across this earlier today and thought I would one day work it into a larger post on Utah voting habtis and our current crop of representatives. After reading it over again this evening, I realized I have nothing to ad. I just found it an interesting perspective.

Those of us on the left or liberal side need to resist the temptation to turn Jesus into the Eugene Debs or Franklin Roosevelt of antiquity. His mission was primarily spiritual, and Christian salvation claims are more than a promise of a more egalitarian society or a wiser form of government. But I do believe that Christians (and this applies to followers of the Jewish tradition as well) have the task of calling the world -- and ourselves -- to account in the name of higher standards than any government or economic system typically achieves. Religious people should be hard to satisfy.
First on the list of things you shouldn't be satisfied with: Chris Buttars, Racist.

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