Friday, February 8, 2008

Rightroots Money Bomb

It's no secret that online activism and grassroots campaigning have taken hold much earlier and far more with effectively with the Progressive movement than with the Right-wingers, but it is still something of a jolt to see just how divergent the results of online efforts can be.

Since February 5th, the Obama campaign has generated over $8 million in contributions, and proudly touts a year-to-date record of over 300,000 separate donors. Clinton is rumored to be near the $10 million from 35,000 separate donors (since the first of the week, no less). Both Obama and Clinton are showing an amazing ability to generate money easily from online contributions, even after much has already been given throughout 2007.

On the other end of th spectrum, Rightroots, attempting a campaign similar to ActBlue, organized the "F7" event this week, the premise being on February 7th, all donors push money into the Republican nominee's coffers in a massive money bomb. And bomb it did. According to the Redstate ticker, they achieved 32 donors, totaling $2,646.

I point this out not to poke fun (although you have to admit, it is funny), but more illustrate the fundraising potential of an organized grassroots campaign, and an engaged electorate.

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