Thursday, February 21, 2008

So Called "Right Wing" Blog

Though I disagree with everything they write, I subscribe to Human Events, Townhall, our own local Sutherland Institute, and many many more like these, as a means of staying informed. I don't believe one can actively combat ideology without understanding where those ideologues are getting their information.

I had this in mind after I spoke with a friend this morning who chided me for refusing to include a regular dose of Fox News in my daily skimming of the right-wing, and in explaining I realized something I thought was a juvenile reaction to bad journalism on my part is actually very important.

Where we get our news is as important as where we give our contribution dollars, volunteer time, or even the voicing of our opinions to family and friends. Admit it or not, your information intake effects your judgment and your perspective, especially if your intake is limited to one or two sources.

My problem with Fox News is not the message they convey, or their obvious politics. That is, as a see it, the right of every American, including Rupert. What I object to is that they represent themselves as an organization whose first priority is to inform the public. I have argued, and I think successfully, that regardless of political bent, if a person were to watch only Fox News, they would remain hopelessly misinformed, or at the very least completely unaware, of real world events. I do not chastise Fox for their leaning, but for their pretense of journalistic integrity.

My concern is that most people still have the attitude that the teevee and newspapers will tell us what we need to know, and they rarely do just that (I'm looking at you Joe Cannon). One must dig, and expose oneself to a multitude of perspectives and reports in order to gain an understanding or informed opinion. Most people do not have this time, so they do what they can. And unfortunately, for many, that might consist of 30min of news when the time exists. Well, what if someone where to get their 30min of news consistently from only Fox News for a year? Obviously, they would be grossly misinformed, and then, as it their right, they would go vote.

My problem with Fox News is that they do not call themselves what they truly are. A business with an agenda, and ideology, and a large audience.

But to my surprise, I found something today that is, to me, very encouraging. Buried in the comments of the "NYT is A Communist Rag" (I exaggerate) story on their main "news" page (I say "news" because the Washington Post ran the same story, but Fox only finds it newsworthy that the Times ran in? Hmmm...) was this nice little missive:

Comment by ExT
February 21st, 2008 at 4:07 pm


you come TO a so called “right wing blog” and then act indignant when you “discover” that we are all not a bunch of LIBS…GET OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

if you think that fox news is the only source us “right wingers” then your one DUMB MOFO

the larry sinclair story is real but you don’t want to talk about that…DO YOU

I'm not agreeing with the sentiment, the grammar, or the spelling, but it was encouraging nonetheless. Obviously, the message of what Fox News really is has finally trickled all the way down. This comment was not left on a blog, or a forum, but rather as a comment on a front page "news" story at one of the most prominent "news" organizations in our country. And it's good to see the message is finally settling in.

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  1. What a bunch of hypocrites and brainless individuals that are responding on this blog--I can't believe it. Obviousy, you must be the same folks that voted GWB into ofice---that are not conveniently forgetting the countless number of Political and Financial transgressions and outright crimes that he and his cabal committed, but are taking note of some very true statements that the pastor of Barack Obama said. I've got news for all you Americana Pollyanas: The fact of the matter is that everything that man said about America (and Americans) is true. We do not currently deserve the respect of the world, as we have become a race of war mongering, violent, greedy people, that let well heeled and well connected corporate whims rule our government and dictate our policy. The media is their tool and as it seems, most of you 'patriotic' flag waving folks are not only their tools, but part of the problem. How did the whole concept of being a conservative get so twisted I wonder. I consider myself to be a very conservative businessman and individual. However, to me, that means that I live and let live in the areas of morality and lifestyle. I am a proponent of fiscal responsibility. Has anyone taken a look at the billions of dollars literally stolen by contractors overseas--Heck, how much coverage did that article about our troops receiving bad water get??? I look at all the facts---especially the ones that this ruling cabal doesn't want us to see--I don't support offensive wars unless there's a very good reason--I don't create unreasonable and unwinnable scenarios based around 'Phantom like' groups that at the very least should be fought with more appropriate forces and I don't support causes and efforts that are against my own self interests. As a businessman of over 25 years and a stalwart man of conservative thought inspired by Barry Goldwater(and no not Ronald Reagan) I am wondering when it became so apparent that we as the American People became the dictators of how Men should live? The sad part about all of this is that all of the candidates are still talking about 'winning' this conflict, especially in Afghanistan. Ain't never gonna happen--heck, the Russians tried to do it for over 20 years and they live right next door. As good as our boys are, we're outnumbered in the winning of the hearts and minds category folks! Meanwhile, as the fools that we are, we can't see the disconnect between the billions of dollars thrown down the toilet in the Middle East, the hundreds and thousands (maybe millions) of lives lost and maimed and the economic woes that we have now in this country. Yeah: keep focusing on Baracks pastor...cause that's just who the media and the government want you to do. Maybe we'll get lucky and get another 8 years of Republican rule, the like of which we have now. AMERICANS HAVE TO STOP VOTING AND ACTING AGAINST THEIR OWN INTERESTS. As far as I can tell, after considering and researching the War Lobby/Republican connections of Hilary (Mark Penn etal), Obama is the candidate that will hurt us least in the future....(although personally and it would never happen because Americans always vote against their self interest), a true American hero like Ralph Nader (who has spent his entire professional life helping to PROTECT Americans) would be my choice. Oh yeah one more thing--the less government anthem of the Republican party doesn't add up folks--I'm more in the camp of Ron Paul, who truly wants to cut Government.