Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Wasatch County: Are You Content?

As we near the deadline for candidate filing, Rudi Kohler, Wasatch County Democratic Chair, gives a shout out to Wasatch County residents interested in working for change (via Utah Amicus):

On the County level, voters should consider their positions regarding the following questions. Are you happy that the rural character of the valley is being preserved through land use ordinances? Do you feel that enough emphasis has been given to the valley’s recreational opportunities for both children and adults? Do you believe that our leaders are focused on developing the quality of our existing retail and commercial areas or creating laws which will permit more commercial zones? Are you content that the economic development occurring in the valley is to create high paying positions for existing residents or more low paying jobs for new residents or outsiders? Do you believe that our elected officials are acting without conflicts of interest or supporting policies that are leading to tax increases?

On the state level, have the incumbents supported your positions on educational quality, teacher compensation, vouchers, city incorporation, healthcare, guest worker issues, the environment, privatization of public recreational facilities, conflicts of interest, gifts to public officials and scores of other issues?

If you think your elected leaders are doing a fine job, by all means show them your support in November should they run again. If not, perhaps it is time for you to step forward and declare your candidacy. If you wait for someone else to do it, you risk that either no one will or whoever does may not be closer to your position than the incumbent.
According to Kohler, four of seven council positions open up this year, as well as two at the state representative level

Steve Farrell, County at Large – Seat B
Mike Kohler, Midway –Seat E
Kipp Bangerter, County South – Seat G
Kendall Crittenden, Heber South – Seat D

Mel Brown of Legislative District 53 (only precinct 11 in Wasatch County)
Gordon Snow of Legislative District 54 (remainder of Wasatch County)

And he writes:
At the moment, neither the above six Republicans or any opponents from either party have formally announced their candidacy in 2008. This is not unusual in that the deadline for filing is March 17 and candidates rarely announce before then. This brings us back to the central point of serving in a democracy. It is possible that these six individuals truly represent the wills of most County residents and should be returned to office if they wish to run again. It is also possible that the incumbents do not represent the beliefs of the taxpayers and need to be replaced.
Utah faces unique circumstances this year. As political winds shift nationally, we have drawn the spotlight of both party organizers and presidential candidates through record Democratic voter turnout in the primary. National issues of corruption within the GOP have also raised our level of expectation and examination of our local elected officials. Too often, people aren't fond of what they find. This is creating a desire for reform within our local political systems, which in turn is generating momentum for Democrats in a state most known in recent years for continued Redness as the rest of the nation turns Blue.

There is no doubt that 2008 is the year for change, but as Kohler begins his call for candidates,
Democracy has few requirements on the lives of average citizens. It is possible for John or Mary Q. Public to go through life without ever voting or even being aware of the issues that affect his or her life. Awareness and voting, however, are not sufficient for democracy to exist. In order to vote, there must be someone to vote for.
If you are interested in becoming a candidate in Wasatch County, or even just toying with the idea, contact Rudi Kohler via the Party Builder Network, or by phone or email:
Phone: 435-654-3401
Email: rudikohler@msn.com

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