Friday, March 14, 2008

Chris Buttars, Margaret Dayton, Greg Curtis, and Ssssssssuper Dell!

Yes, that Super Dell. A re-run episode of Hee-Haw, you ask? No! It's your very own Utah Republican Party.

Incidentally, I'd like to thank the Republicans for giving me an excuse to finally make a Hee-Haw reference on the blog. Listen to Dell's call as a candidate at KVNU's For The People.

(h/t Bob @ TWATM and Utah Amicus)


  1. Oh, good lord.

    Given my rather "Colorful" personality, I am usually loathe to label someone a Wack Job.

    I will totally make an exception in this guy's case.

    Cukoo for Cocoa Puffs, yo.

  2. Just imagine the TV and radio ads! Oh yeah, this will be loads of fun.