Thursday, March 27, 2008

Cultural Libertarians

The Democratic Strategist provides a link to a free cover story (pdf) from Campaigns and Elections, "Tuned Out: Cultural Libertarians Are A Growing Force in America. But Just How Can you Reach Them?" J.P. Green weighs in on the story.

The merit of the article, in terms of Democratic strategy, is that it illuminates a significant ideological minority that divides its voters between Democrats, Republicans and the Libertarian Party and sheds light on what they think about a host of issues in current context. The sidebar, "7 Ways to Win Our Vote" limns current Libertarian preferences regarding online gambling; internet tax proposals; eminent domain; Iraq; immigration; medical marijuana; and health insurance. Democrats have an edge with Libertarians on most of these issues and other issues concerning personal and lifestyle freedom. Republicans will do better with Libertarians who are more focused on taxes, shrinking government and expanding unfettered trade.

It's unclear whether the Libertarian percentage of American voters will grow in the years ahead. No doubt, Democrats can bite off a healthy chunk of the Libertarian-leaning constituency with the right kind of candidates.
I'm still processing the article itself, but I've got enough to recommend it as an interesting read.


  1. Thank you for posting this! I've constantly described myself as one of the people discussed in this article. In Utah there isn't much of a doubt that a sensible libertarian is going to feel more comfortable with the Democrats than the Republicans.

    Now...if we can just get more of Utah's libertarians politically active we might actually get somewhere!

  2. Couldn't agree more, Jeremy.