Monday, March 10, 2008

Pew: American's Prefer Democrats


Though we should do it as loudly and as often, and it's factually true, it's almost not even necessary to link John McCain with George W. Bush. All we have to do is say, "Republican."

From Pew (2/24)

"Please tell me if you think the REPUBLICAN Party or the DEMOCRATIC Party could do a better job in each of the following areas. Which party could do a better job of [see below]?"

Foreign policy: Democrats +5

Immigration: Demorats + 5

Iraq: Democrats +10

Taxes: Democrats +12

Morality: Democrats +10

Economy: Democrats +19

Education: Democrats + 29

Health care: Democrats +30

Reforming government: Democrats +25

Energy: Democrats +34

Environment: Democrats +44


Here's the funny part: St. McCain has no choice but to keep singing "lower taxes" and "no surrender in Iraq," over and over, because that's the only song the GOP knows, and it's the only one his wingnut base wants to hear.

And Americans, finally, are sick of it.


  1. Here is what the Democrats will
    actually do with these poll item:

    Foreign policy: Make everybody like us by giving away money.

    Immigration: Open the border to all citizens of the world.

    Iraq: Pull out! leaving a blood Bath and a new Islamofascist state in its place.

    Taxes: Raise 'em high.

    Morality: Free abortion on demand, and condoms in our schools.

    Economy: Hamstring it with lots of regulations and high taxes.

    Education: Keep the status quo of dumbing down our children.

    Health care: Make it equally bad, but free (ie very high taxes to pay for it) for everyone.

    Reforming government: Make it big and I mean BIG!

    Energy: Tax the living Hell out of it. Carbon taxes, forced reductions , extreme rationing in the name of global warming.

    Environment: America's new national religion.

  2. Obviously the majority of American's disagree with you.


  3. Ken says the Dems will make government "Big." Have you not been paying attention to the increases in government in the last 8 years?

    The best though is how the GOP bangs the fiscal responsibility drum and none more than McCain. But it is beyond me how a war costing $12B a month can be afforded with lower taxes.

    That is the logic that got us into this subprime credit mess. I mean, from a personal point of view, that is like taking a large pay cut but still thinking buying the BMW is within your means.

    In the ends the GOP is selling this country to the Saudi's and China, one bond at a time...

  4. Very effective analogy, Raymond.

    It's one of the greatest challenges facing conservatives today. You see the same rhetoric spewed (i.e. Ken's comment) but it no longer rings true for the GOP.

    The actions of this administration have demolished the "small government" and "fiscally responsible" stereotype conservatives have banked on for decades. Now they are faced with defining a new identity, with John McCain and his lobbyists.

    Bush has broken the GOP, and it's an uphill battle for them to reclaim credibility with the American public, evidenced in the PEW poll cited here.

  5. Jason

    Unfortunately, you are right about the current crop of Republicans, including John McCain, and even George W Bush. By and large the party has abandoned conservatism and will continue to wander in the wilderness until the party finds its soul again and returns to the values that made it great.