Thursday, March 13, 2008

Re-Vote This

Though my name appears on most posts here, what you often read is very much the result of a collective effort. Craig and Jeff (Not Bell) play a large role in ideas, focus, and direction; issues their real jobs won't allow them to expand on in a timely fashion. Normally ideas that intrigue me I run with in my own words and perspective. But sometimes the idea is so simple, it's best left in original form, as is the case with this from Craig on the Proposed Florida Re-Vote Plan:

I think it's time for the eff-em post. The [Florida] state party broke the rules, if the Democrats in the state don't vote for a Democrat in November because they didn't get a "say in the nominee" because their state party broke the rules then they deserve McCain. In fact if that happens I think McCain should get to be President for Florida no matter what, so they can see what childishness leads to. The rest of the country gets the winning Democrat, but McCain is President (or baby sitter?) of Florida. Maybe in four years the state party will learn to follow rules, and the voters will see that temper tantrums don't really work out that well for adults.
Florida and Michigan: if you object to the way this is playing out, take it up with your state party leadership, as it has no place in our national theater. If you feel cheated, replace that leadership. They have cost you your voice.

Stop bitching to the rest of us... we have an election to win. From the August J. Pollack post Craig references in his email:
I know I'm in the minority here, but eff Florida and Michigan. This whole mess started because they wanted to be the first, ergo most important primaries in the nation. So now, after that plan worked about as well as, I don't know, let's say the Maginot Line, their brilliant idea is to schedule another round of votes so they can be... umm.. the most important primaries in the nation. Well la dee frikin' da.

Beyond, of course, their electoral votes, I'm not exactly sure what suddenly inspired the legislatures of Florida and Michigan to decide they're literally more important than every other state in the country, but the idea that the DNC or either Democratic campaign is even entertaining their delusions of grandeur is insulting to the other 95% of the U.S. populace.

As someone who lives in a very special section of the country that is Constitutionally forbidden from even having voting representation in Congress, could Florida and Michigan kindly shut the hell up about not "having a voice?" Opening your trap is what cost you your voice in the first place. You blew it. Deal with it.


  1. Maybe we can chip in to get them a "no do-overs" billboard.

  2. Amen Craig.

    The funny thing is, if they had known how long the primary season was going to be this year they would have tried to put off their elections as long as possible instead of pushing them forward. It is a bit ironic.

  3. Any re-vote will rightfully be seen as an attempt by the DNC to hand the nomination to Hillary. Any result will be contested and could make the situation explosive.

  4. I hesitate to dip my toe in the water, but if the rules allow a revote, and Obama said he just wants the rules to be followed, how can there be an objection to the revote?

  5. VofU,

    I believe you are correct, the rules do "allow" for a revote, but if I understand them correctly, it is a vague allowance (nothing written in specifically for "you broke the first rule, then changed your mind" revote). What Craig is arguing, and what I agree with is that there shouldn't be a re-vote.

    It's the principle of it, and the precedent it would set, not which candidate any of us would prefer that should matter.