Sunday, March 9, 2008

The RNC's Elephant in the Room

I'm all for courting small donors to engage voters and activists. But in my inbox today was this email from Amway the Repubican National Committee.

Meet Paddy, the newest member of the Republican National Committee's family of elephants.

Paddy is available for a limited-time only and is sure to be snapped up quickly. Embroidered with the official logo of the RNC, Paddy is a wonderful plush toy and makes a perfect gift for St. Patrick's Day. Or give Paddy to the "Green" Republican in your life who is dedicated to improving the environment.

Jason, we'll send you Paddy today with your special contribution of at least $35.
Nice. Grassroots fundraising, reduced to gimmicks and "Hey, you using that dime?" desperation.

Lauding their imaginative efforts, Wonkette has created the Ethnic Elephant Coalition Toys, augmenting the Irish "Paddy" with Max, the Republican Jewlephant, and more.


  1. Isn't Green Republican an oxymoron?

  2. Hey Jason

    Over the weekend I had over 7000 hits on my blog and generated over 100 comments on just one post. How many did you have? Hmmm?

  3. HAHA green elephants and ham!

    They are getting desperate.

    (So is the commenter before me)

  4. According to today's WaPo, Dem's are outraising the Repubs by nearly 2/3. I don't think the plush toys are working.

  5. Charlie and Anonymous, exactly.

    Ken, grow up. :)

  6. Always glad to hear from you Jason.
    I'm glad to see you have a very unchildish and very relevant post about a green elephant stuffed Animal. Keep up the good work my friend.

  7. Actually, Ken, it was the RNC who thought of the cute green stuffed animal.

    Glad you liked the post though.