Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Tonight, Bloggers Have No Excuse

Tom writes that students have no excuse, and even work against their own interests by willingly neglecting opportunities to become more involved in local politics. From the For The People blog:

Tonight are the neighborhood caucuses for Republicans, Democrats and some third parties.

There are nearly 20,000 students at Utah State University- that constitutes nearly 1/5 of the total population of Cache County, and an even higher percentage of the voting population. This kind of a proportion in politics is overwhelming, often unstoppable and quite strong enough to dictate the political agenda. Despite these overwhelming numbers, virtually no students will participate in the neighborhood caucus meetings tonight.

It’s tragic, really. I could go on about patriotic duty and how USU students are failing. I could give a lecture on civic involvement and the ethic of community in an attempt to convince students in our audience that they should participate tonight.

But those appeals have been well worn by many before me who have tried in vain to get students involved in the political process. These appeals don’t work. They fall on deaf ears. [more]
I applaud his words, and the sentiment that he and many are passing through the tubes today to draw citizens to tonight's caucus meetings.

I would also like to ad to his words a bit. Most likely, if you are reading this, you have a blog. You set that blog up voluntarily, because you felt that your voice needed an audience. You had something to say, you wanted to be heard. We can make all of the excuses we can imagine but, undeniably, each of us also wanted to make a difference.

Tonight is one night that can make a huge difference. Find your caucus location, and make an effort to be there in any capacity you can. If any time in the past any one of us has posted about something we disagree with, or have written critically of (as is our nature) then we have no reasonable excuse for our absence in this process.

Find your caucus or mass meeting.

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  1. Hey, I DID blog about politics today, doesn't that count???