Wednesday, April 23, 2008

GOP Challenger Stirs More Controversy for Bramble and Lockhart

Salt Lake Tribune:

Provo attorney Jacque deGaston, one of two Republicans challenging two-term GOP incumbent Sen. Curtis Bramble, meets with the county party's Credential Committee Friday at 4 p.m.

At issue is whether Hannah Lockhart, who lived with her parents - State Chairman Stan Lockhart and Rep. Becky Lockhart, R-Provo - can represent Provo Precinct 9. She will live there while attending Brigham Young University this spring.

[...] "It's the principle of the thing, that a person can become a delegate in a place they don't even live yet," deGaston said Tuesday.

Last week, Utah County GOP Chairwoman Marian Monnahan said that individuals should attend the precinct caucus where they will be living at the time of the county convention.

While credentials committee membership changes each year, Monnahan said that Senate President John Valentine will be there Friday as well as the county party's secretary Susan Bramble, who is married to incumbent Curtis Bramble.

DeGaston has taken her party on over other points of contention as well. Her request for a comprehensive countywide delegate list roused a denial letter from Valentine.

That request was filled Monday - Monnahan said Valentine changed his position after deGaston pointed out a section in the state party's constitution that said the public is entitled to such information.
The Utah Republican Party, in all of it's glory, huh?

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  1. If this only affected the GOP, that would be one thing, but these are the same clowns making public policy for the State and they generally handle those decisions and actions in the exact same manner providing "leadership" of a very questionable quality.