Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Great American Hypocrites

Glenn Greenwald's new book, a follow up to A Tragic Legacy, is available for online order today (in stores April 15th).

For those of you who don't follow Greewald's Salon.com blog, Glenn has been a progressive leader in approaching daily politics with an idiosyncratic legal perspective. He is a consistent voice in the ongoing battle against warrantless surveillance, Telco immunity, media character, and the Bush whitehouse since 2005.

From the time I began blogging in October, 2005, I've written about many different topics, but almost all have a similar undercurrent: the Limbaugh/Kristol/Fox-News right-wing faction that controls the Republican Party and has dominated our political life for the last 15 years, and the multiple ways that our political institutions -- and particularly the Drudgified establishment press -- enable them. Marketing packages aside, this book is about them; how they function; the weakness-driven bloodthirstiness, dishonesty and sleaze which defines them; the indispensable eagerness of the establishment media to be used by them; and what can be done by those opposed to them to change all of that.

All of the radical and reprehensible events of the last eight years -- the commencement and endless prosecution of an indescribably disastrous war, the accelerated dismantling of our Constitutional framework, the creation of a lawless Surveillance State and a virtually omnipotent President, the legitimization of truly grotesque torture and detention regimes, the complete corruption of our political discourse -- have individuals and a political movement behind them, causing all of that to happen. They have cultivated the ability to manipulate media behavior, largely as a result of a media eager to help. But what they do not have is popular support for virtually anything they are doing. And yet they continue to win elections.
Get a copy here.


  1. I'll probably read the book but I sure hope he had an editor look it over and suggest changes. I used to read Greenwald's blog but had to stop. He uses way too many damn words to get his point across. If the book is anything like his blog I bet every other sentence could be ignored and his basic point would still get across.

    The guy is brilliant and often right when commenting on current events and policy issues. He's just a terrible writer. Nothing wrong with that when your just a punk blogger...but in a book?

  2. Jeremy, your comment gave me a good laugh. You are dead on with Greenwald's writing style. And his blog hasn't changed.

    I think I just have a high tolerance for "wordyness" as it's something I suffer from as well (especially when mad, and I think Glenn is mad often). I also think I am drawn to his in your face attitude toward incompetency in elected leaders, and his willingness to take on just about anyone who is wrong (exampled in his recent battle with General Petraeus' communications director).

    He was/is an attorney. Perhaps that explains his lack of brevity?