Friday, April 18, 2008

Profiling Jim Matheson (Republican Guest Blogger)

I answered my own question earlier about who this Howard Dean fella is that sends so many emails, and in doing so, I found myself with another set of questions for liberals in Utah.

Jim Matheson. Love 'im or hate im'?

I understand that as a Democrat in Utah, it is sacrosanct for many to support anything the solitary "D" of the state says or does, but what say you when I tell you that as a devout conservative, I don't disagree with Matheson often.

Furthermore, I read today that the very Howard Dean you political lefties sometimes take marching orders from is calling superdelegates out to announce their support for either Clinton or Obama. Understanding that Matheson must maintain a moderate, sometimes even conservative appeal to hold on to his district in such a Red State, I've still often wondered how Matheson's back and forth effects liberal Democrats.

Is it difficult to rally behind him at times? What say you about his complete absence of involvement in the presidential primaries (I couldn't find a single statement from him), and assuming, if you are reading here at The SideTrack, that many of you are inline with the politics of the regular writers here, how do you place yourself with Matheson and his sometimes complicity with congressional Republicans on war funding, troop withdrawal, etc.

I know this is not unique to Utah, but it is an interesting situation to ponder, where national politics and issues sometimes diverge from taking what state representation you can get when your options are slim.

Does this anger Utah Democrats, or is this something you have grown accustomed to?



  1. I look at the problem in two ways:

    1. A Dem in a red state can stand with the courage of their convictions, fight for the right thing and educate your constituents as to why ... etc, etc. That's what franking is for, you know?

    2. Roll over and vote like a Republican on anything to save your seat; have your staff squash any and all possible debate as to why you vote like a Republican; screw the Unions; separate your campaigns from every other Federal candidate in the state so that you can remain the only Dem (even though we all know you're not), etc. etc.

    I think we all know where Jimmy "GOP" Matheson is, right?

    PS: Don't forget a silly website and a no-content e-news letter.

  2. Two cheers for the previous comment!

    Dems in a red state do often have to lay low to protect their investment, but to ever change that they have to also test the waters, go out on a limb, and most of all, challenge the establishment to win the appeal of voters who've become disenfranchised with business as usual. Matheson isn't exactly expanding Democratic leadership in the state so much as hanging on to his cushy job at all costs.

    The sheer number of candidates Dems are sending up this year should be sign enough times are changing, and it's time for the minority to step up to the plate.