Thursday, April 17, 2008

Questions for Liberals (Republican Guest Blogger)

Been picking through The SideTrack inbox here off and on today, getting a feel for what it must be like to be a liberal. Let me tell you, dear readers, this lady is very confused. So if you would allow me the trespass into your realm, I'd like to ask a few questions, just to get a feel.

Much here about last night's debate. I find the organized message of outrage over the "fluff" questions Georgie asked very impressive. We hear all the time the effectiveness of the Republican messaging machine, but judging by the multitude of hits from many different organizations in the boys' inbox here, I think the GOP may have lost the corner on the market. And I am in agreement, it was an embarrassing debate. ABC should be ashamed. Are Democrats aware of this shift in messaging powers, and do they worry about repeating the missteps of the GOP?

I've also learned a lot hear today. Mostly about Net Neutrality. It seems there was a big to-do at Stanford with the FCC and the Net Neutrality thing. I find myself wondering, as I read through many emails about the issue, why have the Liberal Democrats cornered the market on this Neutrality issue? Isn't this something we should all care about? Any thoughts?

And finally, this Jimmy Carter thing. I dare any of you who read here regularly to make his trip make sense to me. What is Jimmy thinking? What's the goal? Laying a wreath on Yasser Arafat's grave? I assume there is a political point being made there, but I don't see it. Help me out, would ya?

I'd hoped to write more today, as I really do have questions what life as a liberal must be like, but time did not allow. Perhaps tomorrow. I'll leave you with a handful of links I assume you'll find interesting. Related: Did you know that this one inbox (of four) alone got over 62 political emails today (and one Stephen King fan club newsletter...) and over 200 RSS feed posts from various blogs each day?! I wish I were that studious in my political education... alas I am not (see critical comment on my post yesterday)... Have some linkage.


  1. I'll take a crack at your request. We Democrats for years have bemoaned tha fact that the press has been as shallow as a mud puddle and as informed as a moth blindly heading for a bug zapper.

    But the debate hosted by Stephanopulpus and Charlie (dumber than a bag of hair) Gibson set a new low in the political discourse in our country.

    As for Jimmy Carter talking to Hamas, he addresses a salient question. If we are truly believers in democracy, do we talk to those who are democratically elected who don't like us? We Americans have this delusional notion that somehow it is only the dictators that don't like us. In reality, we have made alot of enemies along the way. Our unabashed support of Israel creates enemies within the muslim world. We shouldn't be surprised at that. Attributing evil to those whom we have screwed over is an americacentric delusion. Failure to understand why people might not like us, and attributing that to pure evil is awfully shallow and simple.

    Hamas, in the minds of palestinians, has fought what they consider to be an invasion by a foreign army of jews. If I was palestinian, I might view things in a similar manner. The fact that we have armed Israel to the teeth with the best weapons available, weapons that have been used upon them, would you expect palestinians to love America?

    Perhaps it is time to talk to Hamas. It is true, that an under-funded and ill-equiped Hamas has resorted to terrorist tactics, tactics similar to those our founders employed when faced with overwhelming force from Great Britain.

    I don't mean to equate Hamas with our founders, but I would suggest that we step back and try to view the world from palestinian eyes and try to understand where they are coming from. Are they basing their opinions and actions based upon sheer malice and evil? Or are they legitimately trying to find a way to assert their rights as human beings, that we Americans assert were endowed by their creator with those rights?

    This post was meant as a devil's advocacy. The world isn't the manichaean world that religious dogmatists would corner us into. The Mormon philospher Stephen Covey made this important comment, "seek first to understand." Is Covey an appeaser of terrorists?

  2. I'm not going to accept the "liberal" label. I am a conservative and Independent, for many years a registered Republican. McCain supporter in 2000.

    ABC's so-called "debate" deserves all the criticism it got and then some. Stephanopoulos and Gibson don't deserve to be called journalists, and ought to be fired. They hurled mud for 45 minutes, switching to actual issues (such as the abysmal Bush economy) only after they ran out of smears. Flag pins? What a load of crap.

    It was the highest-rated "debate" so far, which means ABC is probably happy. But it was a show only a Republican could love.

    If you depend on the Internet, you depend on net neutrality. Everybody ought to be concerned. If we lose it, the Web will be just like cable TV. You can produce a show, but someone else controls whether anybody can see it.

    Jimmy Carter was a failed president, but he's among the best ex-presidents we've ever had. I agree completely with what obi wan said about diplomacy and American exceptionalism. It's hard to imagine how Bush's foreign policy could be any worse, unless we attack Iran.

  3. Thank you for the thoughtful responses. I am not sure that I completely agree with either Obi or RMWarnick but I can't blatantly disagree either. Perhaps it is simply example that many of these issues are not as black and white as either major party would have us believe when they are campaigning?