Thursday, April 24, 2008

Vintage Hatch

Indecision Blog:

With Bruce Springsteen coming out in support of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton maintaining her stable of middle-aged divas, it seemed like John McCain was going to have to make like his Republican forbearers and piss off John Mellencamp in order to rustle up a campaign song. That is, until Senator Orrin Hatch came to town.

The Salt Lake Tribune reports that the distinguished senator -- who, amazingly, is a platinum and gold-certified songwriter for this Lindsay-fied Christian pop ballad he co-wrote for Jaci Velasquez -- has written what he hopes will be McCain's official campaign song.

A few lyrical excerpts:
Together forever
America is the country we all love
We believe our destiny
Comes from god above
Let's link our hands for all to see
Our country's majesty
Alright. Vintage Hatch so far...

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