Wednesday, May 21, 2008

McCain Courting Progressives?

And progressives falling for the sham?

Check out the last twelve posts on John McCain's campaign blog, which account for all content on McCain's blog over the past month:
  1. McCain on Saturday Night Live
  2. McCain launches eco-friendly store
  3. McCain tackles climate change
  4. McCain, his mother, and Katie Couric
  5. John McCain on the Daily Show
  6. McCain loves his mother
  7. McCain celebrates Cinco de Mayo
  8. McCain health care town hall
  9. McCain offers health care solutions
  10. McCain will lower health care costs, and make it available to everyone.
  11. John McCain visits the 9th Ward in New Orleans
  12. John McCain in Selma, Alabama, honoring civil rights

These twelve articles cumulatively paint a shocking fraudulent image of John McCain as a hip progressive. He appears on cool, supposedly center-left media, like SNL and the Daily Show. He is in with Latinos and African-Americans, honoring their holidays and memorials. He loves this mother and Katie Couric. He cares about the environment and global climate change. He will lower the cost of health care and make it available to everyone. The blog messaging is 100% progressive.

This all comes from a candidate who, back in November, had the word "conservative" appear on his website 291 times, while only using the word "bipartisan" 33 times. A few months earlier, McCain led all Republican candidates in the use of the word "conservative" on his website. Suddenly, he has shifted from being the great conservative champion to the cool, hip, progressive.
I don't know about you, but I watched McCain on The Daily Show. He was funny. He was personable. Jon was slightly nice to him.

I still would rather have a fork stuck in my eye than cast a vote for him.

Maybe I'm too idealistic, but I'd like to believe voters are smart enough to see this for what it is... campaign tactics and smoke screens. But Stoller argues otherwise.


  1. Hey! I haven't been keeping up on McCain's blog, but I find it hilarious that he's portraying himself as such a progressive hip personality. Hmm...I wonder who he's appealing to? Great post. I was browsing through a bunch of political websites and blogs (mostly liberal ones) and I came across your blog and find it to be very interesting. There are a bunch of others I like too, like huff post, and other news sites like politico. Do you know of any that cover politics and the environment? I saw which has mostly environmental info but some politics. I took’s carbon calculator ( It was pretty easy to use (and it doesn’t make me feel guilty after I take it). Are there any other blogs you would recommend? Can you drop me a link to your favorites or any ones with green info?

  2. Jason
    great post and thank you for pointing it out so perfectly. my argument is this is why i am left with no one to vote for. And also it is just the typical politician way of life dont you think Hillary ralling the gun rights hunters is the same and obama jumping back and forth they just talk to please who is standing in front of them that is why i think all 3 candadits are scary we dont know if they realy have a stance of there own or what it is if they do.

  3. Loving your mother and offering health care solutions are not necessarily progressive. As far as I recall, McCain's health plan is fairly conservative. As for the rest, bleh.

  4. I would agree with your post except for two things - first, if there was a Republican candidate who could credibly court progressives it would be McCain; second, though these are campaign tactics, how could we hold that against him - is there a candidate for office anywhere that is not being ignored by the media who does not use campaign tactics? (Don't tell me that Republicans have a monopoly on campaign tactics.)

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  6. Plowking, we appreciate your loyalty to The Sidetrack and your comments as always. But I wonder what issues Obama has been "jumping back and forth" on? Is that comment based on something that Obama actually said, or an issue he inexplicably switched positions on? When I read comments of this sort which levy a vague and undetailed attack against somebody--Obama or anybody else--I just have to ask, what specifically are we referring to here?

    My guess is that there isn't a specific instance that you're referencing, but more likely a regurgitation of rhetoric you've heard elsewhere. Am I getting warm?

  7. Jeff let me list what i think you would consider the rhetoric awnsers
    Rev. Wright
    "I can not deny my pastor any more then my black racist grandmothern....."
    weeks later throwing him under the bus and finding a new church after 20 years
    "I would meet with the leader of Iran with no preconditions"
    couple weeks later
    "I would not meet with the leader of Iran, or any other terrorist leaders"
    walk into south florida and talk all about imigration problems and helping the cubain imigrants
    go to california and talk tuff on imigration
    come on jeff he flip flops like the trout i cought last week on the bottom of the boat
    there might be canadits out there that you are willing to settle for but there is no one out there that you can get exsited for all three are the opitamy of a politician