Sunday, May 18, 2008

McCain's Little YouTube Problem

Republicans are still crying foul over a DNC ad pointed at John McCain and his 100 Years in Iraq comment. But their cries of "unfair" and (of couse) "out of context" have fallen at the feet of one simple, irrefutable fact: There was video.

Now McCain once again faces the challenge of interlacing what he said then, what he's saying now, and what he plans to say into one consistent message as a candidate for the Presidency. Trouble is, once again, video.

Brave New Films:

There's no question John McCain is getting a free ride from the mainstream press. But with the power of YouTube and the blogosphere, we can provide an accurate portrayal of the so-called Maverick. We can put the brakes on his free ride!

Since we first released The Real McCain a year ago, our REAL McCain series has garnered close to 2 million views, with over 13,000 comments and tens of thousands more in petition signatures! Clearly, John McCain's record is something the public wants to discuss, and yet the corporate media is doing NOTHING to present the truth. We feel obliged to continue countering the mainstream media's love of McCain. And so we thought it was high time for a sequel: The Real McCain 2.

Watch the video

We're doing everything to get the facts out there about McCain. Join us in making a concerted effort to tell the story that corporate media refuses to tell. E-mail this video to all of your friends and family members, news blogs and other local media outlets. And don't forget to Digg it!

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