Monday, May 12, 2008

Rocky back.

When Rocky Anderson exited office, he left a lot of gaps. The Legislature lost its whipping boy; reporters, their favorite quote; Davis County, the devil; and the capital, its protester in chief.

The latter seems clear as nary a protest has been announced for later this month - May 28 and 29 - when President Bush taps the Beehive State for John McCain money with trusty ATM card Mitt Romney.

Anderson, now engulfed in his nonprofit High Road for Human Rights and too busy to rally residents against Bush's war, is nonetheless riled.

"These same people who are contributing these enormous sums to McCain are the same ones who are enjoying the biggest tax cuts during this fiscal disaster," the former mayor laments. "This is not my father's Republican Party."

And Anderson is miffed that the advocacy community seems MIA.

"Frankly, I'm wondering where all the young people are?" he asks.[...]
It is impossible not to like the guy.


  1. Jason you can not like this guy, i know your a flaming libral but come on man all it takes is one stupid outrages comment from him and it ruins all the work guys like you are doing to bring republicans over to your views. all the work that you are doing goes down the drain when guys like rocky open his mouth

  2. Plowking, I'd love to hear what "stupid, outrages" (sp) comments you believe are so detrimental to the cause of Democracy? Give me some examples--one at least--or I'll be compelled to dismiss you as one of the number of people who write Rocky off as a "kook" or crazy person, because they heard or read that he said something crazy. Give me some quotes, some actual meat to your argument that Mayor Anderson is somehow a blight to the Liberal cause and we can go from there.

    And let me also mention to those who aren't as familiar with Rocky that the label of "kook" was affixed and brought to popular use by none other than Bill O'Reilly. And I'll bet dime over dollar that I can offer more "kooky" and "crazy", and bigoted, and hateful, and ignorant remarks that can be attributed to O'Reilly than anybody will be capable of presenting against Rocky Anderson. But then, that's my opinion. Let's see if anybody can disprove my thesis here...

  3. jeff
    you totatly miss what i am saying. Im not saying rocky is a kook or that he isnt great for the libral cause for the librals as jason has said no one is more effective then rocky at useing the media to his fulliest advantage. He is a great tool at rallying extream librals or moderate librals but he is extreamly harmful at the movement i think the demacrats have a great opertunity at bringing over alot of TRUE conservitives and that is where rocky is extremly harmful to the cause and jason is extreamly effective

  4. Also i cant argue with you on the oreilly thing your right no one could because im shure you could find far more stupid comments from him as far as hatefull, racist goes.
    Also were did you get this from
    "comments you believe are so detrimental to the cause of Democracy?"
    I didnt say his comments are detrimental to democracy on the contrary no matter how fare out i think rockys comments are and no matter how much i greatly oppose them i think they are key to democracy
    hence my constant checking of this site if there is not opposition or an opposing view you are in a dictatorship

  5. Plowking, my apologies if I misunderstood the context of your first comment. While you didn't say Rocky is detrimental to the cause of democracy, the thought that comments from him ruin the work "we guys" are doing (and here, I assume you're referring to Jason, Craig, and to a smaller degree myself since I'm a far less frequent contributor to The Sidetrack) seems unfounded. I agree that some conservatives will scoff at Rocky's positions on Bush, impeachment, and the legality of the war in Iraq. My point is, scoff all you want...but I don't hear anybody making a reasonable argument against Rocky's positions. Instead of saying what's so "stupid" or "outrageous" about his views, they simply stick to the name-calling and negative labeling. So, I'm simply asking one of his opponents to step up and explain which of his views are so stupid, and WHY they feel so.

  6. My biggest problem with rocky was not that he was protesting or what he was protesting about, I think in a way inpeachment is a little rediculas, as a marine i can argue the war either way it all depends on what you think are role is as a free nation and as a wealthy nation. My guff with rocky is he needed to be at his post i think he spent more of his time out of state working on things that were not his job at the time and using his jobs platform to advance his personal causes that was my big giff with rocky when you are a public servent you need to be surving your public the trolly square insadent was a perfect example a time he was despretly needed and he had to fly in from another one of his rallys not that he did not do his best after he got here but it could have been a time for him to realy shine and show his love for the state wich i question