Friday, May 16, 2008

Slippery Slopes

Thursday's ruling by the California State Supreme Court may or may not have a monumental impact on the right of gays in the U.S. to be married. Whether it does or not, brace yourselves for the upcoming deluge of "slippery slope" arguments--such as the one made in these comments left by Dave Hodges on the Irrational Optimism blog--that will likely flood the blogosphere in record proportions.

To quote Mr. Hodges:

"...if the state can redefine terms at the whims of the populous, define
marriage to be between two men, [why] can't they define a chimp to be a person to
collect benefits from the government? What is stopping them from
redefining marriage to be between a man and a child? Or an animal? Or an
inanimate object? What is to keep a man from wanting to marry his other

Of course, this sort of ridiculous, homophobic rhetoric is neither without precedent, nor is it necessarily reserved only for the completely ignorant or uneducated masses. What I find so surprising--aside from the lack of reason in these arguments--is that their purveyors miss the irony that they are serving as examples of the much more dangerous slopes we, as Americans and people in general, find ourselves prone to slipping down.

Those making arguments such as Mr. Hodges' don't seem to realize that they are themselves standing--or more correctly, sliding--down the slippery slopes of fear, intolerance, and bigotry. By the false logic of their own vehement debate, would it not be fair to conclude that they themselves are only a few steps removed from committing hate crimes out of unbridled prejudice, or perhaps locking themselves in their homes, guns at hand, fearfully preparing themselves and their families for some sort of imagined "gay invasion" because of their unchecked fear?

If Mr. Hodges and those sharing his deluded ideas aren't careful, they may find themselves slipping further and further down the slope, until they themselves are resting at the bottom of an abyss of inhumanity and hatred. Tread lightly.

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  1. Jeff
    great post my thought on the gay marriage thing is lets be honest government has no right to be in the marriage business at all the only reason they are in anything is if it is taxable and my warning to all those who may be homosexual watch out its a trap!!! obviausly government sees a growing population that they are not taxing to the fullest. So they must have something that needs to be paid for
    i have to say that i am a reformed homophobe as they say and my view on this has only changed resently but the slippery slop you are commenting on is dead on dead on because i can say ive slipped it
    i havent changed my personal view as far as history goes and the moral decay of society but as you say those that are pointing the fingare at one group are pointing 3 more back at themselves
    it will be very interesting to see and hear what will be said about this next week on the so called conservative and religous talk radio i will have a full report for you
    i wonder how it will sound on all the bigated sunday sermons as well i wonder if they let this out on a friday just to let it stew in there bellys over the weekend