Monday, May 12, 2008

Tipping Point

Convention coverage from A Liberal Mormon.

I was impressed by stories of their efforts to mobilize their districts and promote liberal values in counties much less liberal than my own. It’s impressive not only to see their drive, but their renewed hope in the current political climate. I’m not about to handicap any races or predict any changes in the balance of power. But I can see for certain that more people have been galvanized by the national and local events of the past several years to become involved and are determined to make a change in Utah politics. There seems to be more excitement than I’ve seen before. Who knows what might be possible if all that frustration, determination, and hope translates into grassroots activism? Maybe we have reached a tipping point here in Utah.
Galvanized. I've been trying to think of that word for months now to describe what I see going on, and it was always on the tip of my tongue, but never came.

In the immortal (is he still alive?) words of Phil Collins... (Click on the link... C'mon I dare you)

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  1. Mike Gravel has been describing "the tipping point" for months and months now in perfect detail and telling us exactly what we can do to save ourselves from tipping the wrong way.

    when the blogs start uniting for the right to vote on national referendums then we'll see change. Until then expect to roll down the hill of self destruction.