Friday, June 13, 2008

C'Mon, Vouchers Were So Yesterday.

Meet the "I Cans":

You can take the words “buy in” literally. Lockhart says the 250 grand for the rebranding project will come from the governor on down. Incumbents Jon Huntsman Jr. and Attorney General Mark Shurtleff, for instance, have war chests bulging with cash and tepid Democratic competition. Why wouldn’t they throw some money toward the party Kool-Aid? And Lockhart hasn’t overlooked lobbyists in this ploy—they’ll be expected to cough up some dough for the shiny, happy GOP.

[...] If the state’s Republicans are so awash in extra cash they can afford to spit-shine their increasingly tarnished image, so be it. Bramble says the party’s message “has been lost in the static.” By presenting itself as little more than a brand of basketball shoes or a can of Diet Coke, the GOP is betting on the masses’ stupidity or short memories. And that’s cynical.

The static Bramble references is something party bosses would rather you just forget—as in, pay no attention to that crass dolt Chris Buttars spewing “ugly black baby” comments behind the curtain. And, as for that party-led decision to cram private school vouchers down your throats, even when you screamed your opposition? Well, that is so yesterday, people. How about we get your buy-in: “I can steamroll Utah majority opinion and continue to win elections.”


  1. The Democrats are going to be disappointed if they think they can cash in on the voucher defeat. It may swing a couple of Salt Lake County races, but there won't be a statewide impact.

    The results of the Republican conventions backs this up. Pending what happens in Donnelson's and Neuenschwander's races, the anti-voucherites haven't accomplished much yet. Their only victories so far are LaVar Christensen defeating Sylvia Andersen and what's his name defeating Aaron Tilton.

  2. "The results of the Republican conventions back this up"

    Probably not the best way to gauge public support. Republicans OWN the voucher issue, and a majority of the state shoved it back in their face.

    The only thing working against Democrats on this one is the nasty habit of short memory many voters have. If Democrats can keep it in the spotlight, it will serve them well.

    As it should. Republicans in this state have diverged from the interests of the people. We are just slow in realizing it.

  3. I love the graphic ! May I copy and post?