Tuesday, June 10, 2008

The Invisible Congressman

Via Utah Amicus. A quick look at his website, and it would appear Rep. Rob Bishop just doesn't have much to say.

January 28, 2008!

The update was for a good reason, but quite frankly, I would think that a member of congress would have a bit more to say to his constituents, especially during an election cycle.

But not Mr. Invisible.

The less you hear from him, the better off he thinks he is.

Isn't it time to elect someone who actually wants the job?
This low level of interaction from a Congressman in such a large, eclectic district bodes very well for challenger Morgan Bowen (Who, incidentally, has a blog. That he updates. Daily).


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  2. Try again:

    Bishop is not unlike his predecessor, Jim Hansen, from whom we rarely heard except just before an election. So confident was he of re-election, he scarcely bothered to campaign. My favorite factoid about Hansen was his dubious distinction of being the congressman who had missed the most votes on bills in congress.

    Here in Davis County, we don't care if we actually have representation, we just check that "R" box because we know it's the righteous thing to do. (That's the royal "we", in case you were wondering.)