Monday, June 16, 2008

Yellow Journalism


In the thread that I posted this morning, I referenced a Tennessee democrat (Fred Hobbs) who isn’t endorsing Obama for president because he thinks that Obama might be a terrorist: “He’s got some bad connections, and he may be terrorist connected for all I can tell. It sounds kind of like he may be.” This, of course, was the lead off “Grapevine” item on one of last week’s Fox Special Reports. Special Report, so far, has not followed up with the statement of the Tennessee Democratic Party which states that "The Tennessee Democratic Party is united behind our party’s nominee, Senator Barack Obama. Mr. Hobbs is obviously misinformed, and his statement highlights the perpetual efforts of the Republican Party, especially here in Tennessee, to turn internet smears and highly offensive gossip into their party’s message against Senator Barack Obama” But the best is yet to come.

Mr. Hobbs told a Nashville newspaper “They reported on Fox News that (Obama) has associates who are connected to terrorism. It does throw a red flag up for me ….I certainly don’t think he’s a terrorist. I’ve just heard he has associates who might have those ties.”

Comment: So Hobbs heard it on Fox which then reports what he said on the “Grapevine;” and, thus the meme that Obama is a terrorist is perpetuated. And of course the Fox audience will believe it cuz they heard it on the Grapevine. The smear beat goes on and on and on.

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