Monday, July 14, 2008

Radio Free Utah

Tomorrow KVNU's For The People (4-6pm, 610am, or live webcam chat here) will be hosted by myself and Rich Okelberry, owner of, filling in for Tom and Ryan who are otherwise indisposed.

Should be some good listenin' for all. I will of course be working on not swearing. Again.

On Friday at 3pm, I will be a guest on Sirius satellite radio's Independent 110 Blogger Bunker, discussing modern politics and technology (read, blogging). I believe it is a call in show, so all Sirius subscribers come show your support for Utah bloggers.

And finally, The SideTrack is now registered for broadcasting via BlogTalkRadio. More on that later, but a big thanks to Darren for the quick setup and assistance.

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