Friday, July 11, 2008

Special Council

Requested for the rendition of Mr. Ayar:

"Mr. Arar's rendition to Syria, with the knowledge he would be subject to torture, demands a thorough investigation into the conduct of the Department of Justice and U.S. immigration officials," said Conyers. "Given the involvement of high-ranking administration officials in this matter, and the stonewalling encountered in the DHS Inspector General's investigation, the appointment of a special counsel is clearly necessary."

"The Inspector General’s public report reveals that Administration officials sent Mr. Arar to Syria knowing that he likely would be tortured," said Rep. Nadler. "This is at odds with everything we stand for as a free and just nation, and the Administration’s unwillingness to expose how and why this happened has fueled public concern and criticism. We urge Attorney General Mukasey to appoint an outside special counsel to investigate Mr. Arar’s case to ensure a fair investigation is conducted to examine these serious allegations of wrongdoing."

"The startling revelation that attorneys within the Office of the Deputy Attorney General were intimately involved in this case is sufficient cause for an outside review," said Delahunt. "This is the only way to make sure that those who had a hand in Mr. Arar’s rendition to torture will be held accountable."
According to the report, a Canadian investigation found no reasonable ties between Ayar and terrorist organizations.

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  1. You're not listening. Orrin Hatch said we can trust the government and if Hatch believes it, I know I can. Now why is there a green pod sitting next to me?