Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Book Rove

I'm not sure my reason for excitement over this effort is due to my dislike of Rove and overtly politicized "Justice" Departments, or simply a reaction to the creativity CommonCause has consistently displayed in their online campaigns. Either way, it's worth a mention.

Pop quiz: How can you get Karl Rove to show up and answer questions about his role in the politicization of the Justice Department?

1) Issue a congressional subpoena compelling him to testify
2) Hire him as an analyst for your "fair and balanced" cable news network
3) Book an appearance through his website,

We already know that #1 doesn't work. Rove refused to appear before the House Judiciary Committee, despite a subpoena.

#2 could work – he recently appeared on Fox News to answer questions from Sean Hannity.* But unfortunately, we don't own a cable network.

So let's try #3! Karl Rove's website says you can book him for an event to talk about "public issues and controversies." We have some questions that fit that bill.

Sign on to our "booking request" to Karl Rove today!


  1. If you get him to come, be sure to have a bible and a judge handy to swear him in under penalty of perjury. Otherwise, I'm pretty sure he'd just lie his ass off.

  2. I thought your title meant "Book" as in "Book him Danno". Ah well, maybe someday.