Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The SideTrack VP Betting Pool

I don't often make political predictions. I have fairly unreliable luck, or have a tendency to bet stupid, or perhaps am cursed. One of those three.

The most notable result of my gambling history can be summed up by a Craps table in Wendover that came this close to getting peed on, and blackjack table at the New York New York that I still won't walk within 20 feet of even today.

Still, the majority of SideTrack focus and direction is the direct result of disagreements between writers that inevitably end with a wager.

And my money is on Wesley Clark. You heard it here first.

Craig? Mr. Presser? If I'm wrong, I'll post the audio of me singing "Rainbow Connection" that I have so successfully buried from public ears. If I'm right, I want audio of you guys singing Abba.


  1. I hope you're right about Clark, but it seems to me that the blurred letters on the email Plouffe sent out looks like "Vilsack" to me. Gov. Vilsack would be a safe, and insanely boring choice. I guess he wants to lock up Iowa, which I think is already in the bag. Obama's ideal choice is ex-Gov.-soon-to-be-Sen. Mark Warner (to lock up Virginia and thereby the election), but Warner has repeatedly demurred.

  2. Warner would be my first personal preference for a smart choice, but if convention scheduling can be used as a determinant, it looks like he's out for sure.

    To be honest "anyone other than Bayh" is the best strategy. But I just have a feeling there is a Clark surprise in store. Odds are against me, but my fingers are crossed.

  3. Gov Schwitzer (SP?) of Montana...

  4. Aw man! Clark is my choice too but the idea of hearing you sing "The Rainbow Connection" would be reason enough for me to chose someone else.

    Whenever I mention Clark to people as my VP choice, they get really excited--especially moderate Republicans.

  5. I agree that it could be Clark, or at least I WANT it to be.

  6. You are 100% correct. Go Wes, young man.
    if I'm wrong I will eat my boots.

  7. Jason, I'm gonna have to go with Delaware Senator Joe Biden on this one. Guess you lose the bet...break out the Rainbow Connection!