Friday, August 8, 2008

Stop Dishonest Swift-Boating Before it Begins

With Accountability America.


  1. Are you going to speak out against every time they "swift boat" a Republican?

    Let us not forget that the founder of this movement worked for MoveOn - an organization that brought "swift boat" type ads to the American psyche.


  2. Indeed.

    If I ever see such tactics from MoveOn, you will see it spoken against on this blog.

    I've yet to see them stoop that low.

    Your understanding of "swift-boat" is as well informed as your understanding of economics and oil prices, LL.

  3. Hey LL,

    Can you give us 3 specifics of 'swift boating'?

    As a follower of moveon I have not seen them but would like too. I have at times thought some of their information weaker then I would have hoped in communication the current realities of our complex cultural dynamics.

    In any event I would appreciate examples (and links to them) if possible.

    I hope in someway even in our diverse views we can work together building our families, our communities and our government.

    Thank you..