Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Bishop, Matheson Flinch - Time to Leverage Re-Election

No matter which side you find yourself on in the bailout debate, yesterday's House vote was nothing to celebrate. The bill stunk, and the potential economic consequences of doing nothing stink even worse. And sitting atop this mighty pile of stink are Utah's federal delegates.

Cannon, with nothing to lose, voted for the bailout (as did most other retiring, exiting, or "safe district" House reps). Matheson and Bishop flinched. Bishop is up against Morgan Bowen, who has built his entire campaign around economic responsibility. Matheson is up against... well, being a Blue Dog. Bishop's post vote statements say nothing of the specifics of the bill, or what we should do instead. Matheson's are no better. They aren't opposing or supporting a plan, they're covering their asses, hoping others will step up so that they won't have to. A no vote out of principle, I could respect (in fact was hoping for on this one). But this "vote and run" behavior is abhorrent. And I would bet my own paycheck that both of them were hoping this bill would pass without their help.

Neither wants to put their name on this one, and so constituents were left with nothing. No leadership, no alternatives, and no representation. It's possible the crisis is no crisis. But it's also possible we're in for one hell of an economic ride. Either way, their "leadership" was two campaign induced "nays", and a scurry back under the re-election rock in the hopes of riding this one out without taking a political hit. There is a big difference between a cautious approach to resolution (something I advocate with this issue, especially) and running away from the responsibility of representation.

I think it's time for a populist leveraging of their re-election futures, and a demand they lead, or step out of the way of those who are willing.

Email, call, whichever you prefer. Matheson here, and Bishop here. And if you have any time or money to spare, give it to Bowen, who showed more courage speaking out on this issue than Bishop or Matheson combined.


  1. A strong second! I volunteered to make calls for Morgan. Hope others do the same.

  2. Whiny little bitches! Give the billionaires more money!