Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Bush's Economic Everybody Panic Speech (Shorter)

(tap tap tap) How's my hair? We on? Okay...

Good Evening.

I know many of you have questions. And I assure you your questions are very good questions that deserve answers. And in answering those good questions, I'm here to tell you this was not the Republican's fault. We don't know how these guys got the idea they could give loans to anybody wearing a hat, or how these institutions got so large that their downfall could take our whole economy with it. In fact I assure you we'll never know. Ever. Stop asking.

Hope that clears things up! Good Night.

P.S. Don't ask me where I'm getting the money. That is not a good question. Don't even think about it.

P.P.S BOO!!!


  1. jas
    that was fast man did you write that so that tells me your still there did you get my text.