Thursday, September 4, 2008

RNC Live Blogging - Palin's Running Mate (Part Two)

8:32 "It doesn't matter that you fight, what you fight for is the real test." HUH?

8:35 Senator Obama passing "corporate w8elfare bills for Oil Companies." Oh yeah, he went there. "Back to Basics" (like Keating 5, $27 million in earmarks, etc). "We're all gods children" (I'm looking for that "Build the Fence" sign in the crowd, not seeing it tonight).

8:40 Corporations are sending jobs overseas because we tax them too much. I'm still reeling from a fairly random "Indian" reference. It's the jigsaw speech... grab everything and hope it comes together in the end as something coherent and inspiring. My remote hand is itching. I'm sure ER is on. I hate that show, but it would be more sincere. "We're going to stop sending $700 billion a year to countries who don't like us." (We can't afford to keep it up... this war is expensive!)

8:47 School choice. Make-up beginning to run. Still no mention of immigration. I can no longer pretend to take this seriously. He should have had Palin's speechwriter help him out with this. Offshore Drilling! Woop! Bomb Iran. Russia/Cold War Redoux: Booga Booga Booga! (I thought Sarah had Russia under control up there in Alaskee) "We can't turn a blind eye to international lawlessness..."

8:51 This all sounds very warm and fuzzy, but expensive... could I hear more about your "magical revenue elves" tax plan again?

8:54 Start getting things done for the people who are counting on us (read: again, the people who drove me here tonight)

8:57 POW! story begins, signaling a wrap up (still no I-word). Again, this story has merit and deserves telling to a national audience, but to see it exploited so blatantly is a disgrace to POW's throughout history. Didn't he not want to talk about this anymore?

9:00 If it hadn't been for POW! stories, this speech would've been 11 minutes long.

9:03 When he gets excited, he sounds like a munchkin. I know that's not insightful, but at this point it's the only reaction I have left. I really feel dirty just having watched. Cindy on stage. Seriously, $300,000 for that dress? Someone got screwed.

Final Thoughts: This wasn't the speech he should have given. Not even close. Opportunities existed, he didn't take them. Someone is still giving McCain some very bad advice. Words not mentioned: Immigration. George W. Bush. Lobbyists. I predict a moderate 3-5 day bounce (from Palin's speech, not this one), then a steady, consistent, unwavering decline. Offshore drilling and POW stories can only carry a candidate so far, and I didn't hear much else throughout this convention.

Andrea Mitchell Update: Andrea is NOT enjoying these balloons falling on her during a very serious analysis of the debate. Trailing off each time she sees one...

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  1. The conventions are for introducing oneself to the nation. McCain does not talk about his Vietnam days in every speech, a la Kerry, and the media doesn't trumpet his life story, a la Obama. Most people don't know the details about his time as a POW, and like you said, it deserves telling.

  2. Craig! We thought you were dead! How's Texas?

  3. It's alright. I find myself much less in tune to what's going on locally without a 2+ hour local radio show. I think the AM station here has 2 hours/day of local programming, not counting sporting events.