Thursday, October 30, 2008

Are Chaffetz Supporters the New Ron Paul Movement?

I haven't had much time this week until today to go through the Utah interwebs the way I normally like too, but having done so, I'm noticing this trend.

On many blogs, more so those of official media organizations, I'm noticing an uptick in anonymous Jason Chaffetz supporters, all complaining about how poor Jason is getting named called, and never said the word "Tent Cities" and how everything is just all unfair for an irrational xenophobe in today's politics, and the grand conspiracy that intends to malign the mini-Neo-con's good name, etc, ad nasuem.

They're always anonymous, and I haven't seen so much cut-and-pasting since the "Chris Buttars is Super" defend-the-racist campaign several months ago. Is this where all the Utah Ron Paul supporters have gone?

I'm just wondering if others have noticed it as well.


  1. I'm a Jason supporter and volunteer. I'm part of the online team for Jason. I post with my name or my initials and most of the other members in our team do the same thing.
    We try to address the issues of the campaign, analyze the articles, and avoid personal attacks (as per Jason's specific request).
    I have not seem that many anonymous posting.

  2. Pablo Cruise10/30/2008 5:51 PM

    Pablo, are you the transvestite that Jason exposed himself to in 1986? Or, are you the business associate that Jason bought a hooker for and then tried to get reimbursed? Or, are you the recipient of the laptop Jason stole?

  3. Comments like these are exactly why Spencer will lose. He has associated himself with the party of desperate measures. Unfounded, ad hominem attacks have replaced the donkey as the trademark for the Dems. In times as important as these, should not the issues carry the day?

  4. Pablo Cruise--how sad that you have decided to resort to angry slurs against a candidate. It would be nice to have these blogs be a constructive discussion about issues.

  5. Not to disappoint you..

    Those that are blasting Jason Chaffetz, should not be, as he is a voice of reason and is not promoting the ideas he is accused of.

    There are supporters of both sides that are much more restrictive than Jason Chaffetz is.

    Jason is more a voice of reason compared to:

    There are people that want to round up all 12 million illegals, and are mad that Jason DOESN'T want to do that. Jason only wanted facilities where the government wouldn't have to catch and release felons. There are 600,000 they have let go. We wouldn't have to build facilities for that many, as we just need a temporary facility for convicted criminals, to be held prior to deportation.

    There are people that don't want anyone new moving in, where Jason wants to fix LEGAL immigration so it doesn't take so long to legally come here.

    There are people that think providing any temporary worker visa is wrong, where Jason agrees it is a great way to bring people out of the shadows, get rid of the fake IDs, but this in NO WAY provides a pathway to citizenship in front of those wanting to immigrate who have followed the rules.

  6. I stated that I didn’t think Bennion was directly behind the unfounded personal attacks. I am not surprised Bennion knew about them, as I knew his official campaign manager has known.

    It is the $6000 guy, I don’t know about.

    “I’ve talked to Bennion and he very aware that the questions are out there and he hasn’t done anything about it,”

    Perhaps Bennion hasn’t said anything about the rumors. I would expect not. He has said:

    “When my financial disclosures come out you’ll see donations from Florida, New Jersey, Missouri,” Spencer said. “People have heard me on the radio, and they’re sickened by his immigration position. They go online and give me money. They go, ‘Stop the Nazi.’”

    I object to calling Jason that. My father fought in Europe in WWII. He was awarded the purple heart, 4 bronze stars.

    I have been to Dachau, the Hiding Place, Ann Frank’s hideout. Jason is not a racist.

  7. So you've visited some historical sites in Germany, and that means Jason is not a racist? Wow, what logic! He is most definitely a Xenophobe, which is a stem of racism.

    All his campaign has said is "put 'em in tent cities" and "I demand an apology!" That sums it up entirely.

  8. These comments are extremely interesting in light of the original blog. The blog's author questioned if anonymous commentators to blogs in favor of Jason Chaffetz are former Ron Paul supporters.
    The only two anonymous comments in this blog are from Jason-haters that insult and make personal attacks.
    Now we know who the cowards are!

  9. Pablo, you just won the "lying liar" award on this comment thread. And while I hate to intervene between all of you "brave souls" posting anonymously against one another, I have to keep the secret nameless debate honest by correcting you.

    A click on your profile link leads to a hidden profile. In the blogging word, that is actually worse than anonymous, as you are now pretending not to be anonymous, while posting anonymously.

    You credibility in that light is miniscule. Grow a pair and open your profile, or get yourself another hobby.

    Also, I agree with the previous commenter. Jason has been a bit "I Demand and Apology" whiny in this race. Explains the weakness of his supporters in hiding. Like minds draw together, huh?

  10. Jennifer Tilly10/31/2008 11:41 AM

    "Arc"'s profile is hidden too. This is what Chaffetz supporters are doing everywhere, and they don't even have the purity of conviction enough to supply a name.

  11. Thank you "The Jason" for pointing out my mistake. I did not know about the profile link (I'm not a pro-blogger like you; I agree with you that I should get another hobby). I thought that showing your name in the comment would make it not anonymous.
    I've just corrected my mistake and you should be able to see my profile.
    Do I get to keep my award?

  12. It's yours to keep. You've earned it.

  13. The Jason,
    So, in the blogging world, what is the meaning of posting your comment without a link at all, like "pablo cruise," "Heil Jason," and "Jennifer Tilly"?
    I'm trying to learn. . . and see if I can pass the award to someone else!

  14. Hi. I'm another non-anonymous Jason Chaffetz supporter.

    You should not be surprised to find so many people excited about a candidate that shares our value and is not controlled by big business, or the labor union masters, or good ole boy politics.

    And you shouldn't be surprised that when we saw Bennion Spencer unfairly attacked that we even came to his defense. (For example see I put something on my own blog as well.

    There seems to be a group of junior high kids out there that will put make up trash about anyone. I guarantee you it's not coming from Jason's campaign.

  15. JM Bell,
    Perhaps if Bennion had you for a campaign manager he would have won.

    He listed his wife, and then hired Shawn Alex Colvin as a political consultant. Big mistake, in my opinion. That is where the Tent City idea came from.

    Bennion has publicly flopped on Anwar. He mad fun of Jason Chaffetz for going there, and then he said he was for drill everywhere, as long as the oil stays in the US.

    He has changed his website on immigration. It made some sense before, but then he deleted English, a Fine and a line and replaced it with a pathway to citizenship without those.

    He has been purposely been attacking Jason, not on the issues, but his character. Something he promised the state he wouldn’t do.

    Jason is not a xenophobe. He might have a few voting for him, but who doesn’t.

    Bennion started with 3 nice ads and a great endorsement. He gave up, and went to the smear campaign, and the Jesus would vote for me move of a Super Dell. We now know why he lost to Chris Butters.

    Bennion’s latest move:

    Spencer said his solutions to contemporary issues are drawn from the teachings of Christ.

    “For example, the beatitudes clearly tell us that we should have universal health care,” he said.

    I am sure Bennion is a nice guy. He just has no clue to run a campaign, and the guy he hired is out to lunch.

  16. Quote from ToeJam:

    I was at the recent West Valley debate sponsored by the Lions Club and was very disappointed that Bennion didn’t show up there. That Shawn Colvin guy said Bennion was on his way, and did anyone mind if he sat in for Bennion in the meantime? Of course the other two candidates were gracious enough to allow it … only it seems that Bennion never intended to come at all. Shawn sitting in for him did a great disservice to Bennion, imo. Even some of the raving Democrats in the room looked like they were sucking lemons whenever Shawn spoke.

  17. ToeJam,

    Why would Shawn represent Bennion’s ideas in a debate. He doesn’t have them at all.

    It is bad enough he wasted Bennion’s money, but speaking for him?

  18. Nancy Boda, Cedar City11/04/2008 1:21 AM

    This "arc" guy/girl doesn't get it does he. His/her comments have no credibility when posted anonymously. Shameful that Chaffetz supporters are so ashamed of their hateful racist candidate that they won't even comment with their real names, or post the information in their google profile. Shows you where the real Americans down here in district three are. Bennion's camp. Which isn't surrounded by barb-wire.

  19. Nancy,
    Have you spoke to Jason. Did you go to his website. Are you basing your opinion based on what others, including me say, or are you going to the source. Based on your comments, you didn't.