Tuesday, October 28, 2008

"I Don't Want to Sound Racist but...."

McCain Rally, Pennsylvania. With Video. Emphasis mine.

"Bomb Obama!" he said repeatedly. "Get rid of him," he told the cameraman. "I've had a number of people in the...when he gets in the White House...(mimicks the sound of a gun firing)." The exchange was reported to Pottsville police and the Secret Service. Pottsville Police Captain Richard Wojciechowsky reportedly said it "did not sound serious."

"I'd never vote for a black man," said a Democratic McCain supporter. "[I don't] want to sound racist here," said another participant, "but I do not want a black man running my country."

"Catholics must not vote for Obama," a protest sign read. "They will be ex-communicated from the Catholic Church."

Various rally participants, while waiting to greet Senator McCain's "Straight Talk Express" tour bus, called Senator Obama a communist, claimed his stances and connections were "un-American," and one said that Obama was born in Kenya. (He was actually born in Hawaii.) One referred to him as "President Hussein."
Looks like Murtha had a point.


  1. Good God ... I mean ... speechless

  2. Those people seem to be supportive of Obama's point, people clinging to guns and religion, and I would add, paranoia and superstition. The contrast between McCain's supporters and those for Obama is striking.