Thursday, October 16, 2008

K-Talk's Inside Utah Politics Responds

Apparently represented by a 13 year old...

Jason -

First off if you want to enable someone to reopen the comment section of their blog, holier than thou rhetoric isn't going to persuade anyone to do anything. I can't accuse you of anything but let me tell you about this week.

1. I'm going to pull the poll off because of the "lurkers" or "trolls" that spend all day on the internet with nothing better to do than try and get other people's skin. I checked the page one day and there were about 19 votes for one of the questions and in the span of about 15 minutes it jumped to 37. At that time, there was also a comment to be moderated saying "look at the poll..blah..blah..blah" I'm not an idiot, I know you can delete the internet data & refresh the page and you can control a poll.

2. There were people posting under names that can't be verified and anonymously and I had to not allow some comments that were coming through because obscene and inappropriate and others were purely with the intent of flaming. As an intern I help produce the radio show and set up the blog to help the legislators update info on the show etc.. If I didn't have school, work, internship or a life I still wouldn't want to moderate a forum, and the blog isn't set up to be a forum. So you know Jason I wasn't "cherrypicking" comments, I honestly don't care about people's political opinions enough to slant it one way or the other.

When I have more time to set up the comments so I don't have to babysit it I will send you an email. I'm sure you're not the type of person that spends all day on the internet trying to tip polls or gives himself a bunch of "dittos" on a message board or post under different names just to annoy someone so I'm sure when I am able to set it up you can contribute & participate.

I personally think if you cared enough to send an email than you probably are the one trolling and playing with the poll because it was fun to waste someone else's time.

Incidentally, my comments still do not appear on the post.

Setting the record straight my ass.


  1. All I know is that I left one comment that was both reasonable and honest and the next morning comments were not allowed.

    This explanation is silly. It's easy to moderate a blog.

  2. I see that my message is nothing more than political foder for your blog. As a Hinckley Institute Intern working on this project I'm figuring out this blogspot setup and I suspended the comment board while I tried to see how I could set up filters on inappropriate words. I actually didn't realize by selecting hide it took the board off completely.

    Apparently you don't care or respect that my intentions were to set up the comment board so people could post without me having to approve the comments and so I wouldn't have to worry about swearing or inapproriate insults. I don't see how you can disrespect what I am trying to do and expect me to respect you.

    It wasn't Jason or Rob's comments or actions that were the problem as stated in my email. Jason identified himself and I was trying to set up the blog so I could let people who identify themselves post comments without approval. Jason's email to me with the assumption that I was just trying to block his comments and demand for an apology is a problem.

  3. Sure it wasn't Mr. Intern. You're learning well form the Sith Lord Curtis and his minion Hughes.