Thursday, October 16, 2008

K-Talk's Inside Utah Politics - No Credibility

From the Sentbox:

Dear InsideUtahPolitics,

Two nights ago I posted comments on this blog taking you to task for grandstanding rather than promoting an actual open forum. In response, not only did you refuse - through comment moderation - to post my comments, but you have turned commenting on the blog off entirely.

Considering that this blog is a companion piece to a radio show, I believe this calls into question the merits of what you offer back to the public. Your focus is obviously not creating a discussion and fostering a healthy debate for a public good, but rather cheerleading and cherrypicking public sentiment to support that which you would like the public to hear or read. How noble.

Based on this one, simple, reaction to a citizen's thoughts, you have lost all credibility.

Jason Williams
Ironic, too, as one of the hosts recently lauded the importance of free speech and public commentary. Thin skin and hypocrisy motivates all too many of our current state leaders and the media who give them a microphone.

It looks like Rob has had the same experience I have.


  1. They turned the comments back on. Yours is not there.

  2. See Jason, this is the problem. You threw out this accusation before asking what happened. I am disappointed and embarrassed for you, I will await your apology.