Friday, October 24, 2008

McCain Hasn't Changed


One of the most inaccurate narratives out there in our elite press corps is how John McCain 'changed' since his honorable campaign in 2000, and that his campaign right now, with its racism, dishonesty, and sheer lunatic anger, is a McCain who has let Republican operatives take over. There have been attempts to debunk this myth, including Rolling Stone's Make Believe Maverick and the Phoenix Times Postmodern John McCain: the presidential candidate some Arizonans know - and loathe.

I have a friend who worked for McCain in 2000, and we used to talk about McCain's style of campaigning against Bush. He would note that all the hallmarks you see now - the racism, the random flashes of anger, the melodramatic pledges to stop doing something he's doing, the conservatism, the vicious rumors - it was all there. It's just that the elite press chose not to care until this year, and so, to cover up their egos, they invented this pretense that McCain 'changed'. But he didn't. He's always been a Republican.
It's nice to hear there is at least one aspect of the GOP's nominee that's consistent.

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