Friday, October 31, 2008

The New New Deal. They Hate It.

A little Militant Progressive.

Aside from the whole “historical transcendence of a black man” blather that does, in my opinion, little more than showcase how startled Americans are at their apparent lack of racism (yeah, right), this race (presidential, not ethnic) is has historical implications of the F.D.R. flavor.

The only people still pissed off at how well the New Deal worked at reversing the overwhelming poverty of our entire nation are Republicans. They hate it. While they’ll happily wrap themselves in the flag draped imagery of WWII, they refuse to see how lower and middle class programs that basically reinvented the middle class, as part of the New Deal, made the American victory in WWII possible.

This could easily be one of those hard turning points for us as well. America isn’t quite at the level where a New Deal is needed, but, unless some serious changes are made, we will be.

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