Friday, October 24, 2008

The Payback Voter's Guide

Courtesy of Salt Blog:

Think back to 2007, when a bunch of out-of-state nutjobs decided that Utah was the perfect test laboratory for their experimental plan to kill the "socialistic" public-school system by diverting our meager school funds toward wacky, private religious schools.

Remember how we resoundingly defeated their crazy plan? Remember how we vowed to get back at the legislators who tried to shove the voucher program down our throats?

Well, it's time for payback, baby! [...]
Payback's a Bitch: Vote Against These Pro-voucher Candidates
  • Sen. Curt Bramble, Provo
  • Rep. David Clark, Santa Clara
  • Rep. Greg Curtis, Sandy
  • Rep. John Dougall, Highland
  • Rep. Keith Grover, Provo
  • Rep. Greg Hughes, Draper
  • Rep. Eric Hutchings, Kearns
  • Rep. Brad Last, St. George
  • Rep. Becky Lockhart, Provo
  • Rep. Stephen Sandstrom, Orem
  • Sen. Howard Stephenson, Draper
  • Rep. Steve Urquhart, St. George
  • Sen. Mike Waddoups, Taylorsville
  • Sen. Carlene Walker, Cottonwood Heights
  • Rep. Mark Walker, Sandy
  • Rep. Carl Wimmer, Herriman