Friday, October 31, 2008

People Power

What are you doing tomorrow?

Volunteer for Morgan Bowen

Volunteer for Bennion Spencer

The final Saturday is going to be a battleground day, and while it's not too late to give (even ActBlue monies received after the election can go a long ways to paying off a candidates debt after a hard fought win), local Democrats can make huge gains with the help of even 10 volunteers to make calls, knock on doors, distribute literature, etc. Many of our Democratic candidates have a strong message this cycle that has resounded well with voters. Getting out the vote for these candidates is now the most important objective, and anyone with even two hours to spare can make a real difference.

Find some time to fight for better representation. The leaves in the rain gutter will wait.


  1. I applaud everyone's efforts to get out the vote. I always encourage everyone to vote, even those that disagree with my own views.

    However, isn't is nice to know that your candidate does not need last minute money contributions because his campaign has been in the black all the time?

    Jason Chaffetz has shown the nation how to run a clean, cheap, successful campaign. It restores hope in the American Republic.

    I'm sorry for Spencer because his financial problems won't end on Tuesday after losing the election.

  2. Jennifer Tilly10/31/2008 1:03 PM

    What an arrogant and hurtful thing to say about Bennion, Pablo. No good member of the church would poke fun at a man hoping to do what he thinks is best for our country, and laugh about the financial consequences challenging the status quo might cause him personally. Pure hubris, which is why I changed my mind about Jason, after originally finding hope in him when he ousted Cannon. The arrogance of he and his campaign is dispicable. Jason could have done great things in this district, but he has proven himself to be just another self aggrandizing politician with a forked tongue.

    And how to barb wire encircled "tent cities" restore hope tothe Republic? That's more of a return to the internment camps of yesteryear. Someone has written about that already:

    I urge every thinking person in District 3 to get behind Bennion Spencer, even if only as a protest to the dumbing down of Utah politics that Chaffetz (and obviously his supporters, if Pablo's comments here and elsewhere are any indication) has promoted.