Thursday, October 30, 2008

Reason to Vote #401: Vote to Cancel Out Your Crazy Neighbor

From The Daily Show alumni, with video.

(h/t RawStory)

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  1. jas
    i never see ya anymore. and your video was awsome but brings up a question i am dieing to hear your opinion on and would love if you would go into both subjects on for the people
    i have decided who i am voteing for for pres but honestly with the way the electorial collage is set up does it realy matter who you vote for for president in the state of utah all the electorial votes of utah are going to go republican no matter what right
    2nd i dont know if you have seen the reports but more then 65% of the apsantie ballots of the military will not be counted this year " i wonder if that has anything to do with McCains 72%support from military " any ways there are lots of reasons why all bogas bullshit
    the only time i ever felt like my vote was actuly counted was when i cast it from foriegn nations because it is the only time votes are counted on an individual bases